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ProVanax Review

Provanax bottleReviewer: Sharon Watt, PhD
Rating: 5 stars
Product Reviewed: ProVanax

Can one supplement "fix" all the major symptoms of stress such as anxiety, depression and insominia? Read my review to find out why I think this is probably the most effective natural remedy available for anxiety, panic attacks and their related symptoms.

ProVanax is a clinically proven, all natural formula which attacks the signs of STRESS – anxiety, panic attacks, depression and insomnia – by balancing and optimizing important hormones in your body. It provides the specific nutrients your body needs to heal the stress and to feel good again, and has been voted the "#1 stress management supplement".

It is considered a safe and natural alternative to drugs like Prozac, Xanax and Valium, and does not have the harmful side effects, addiction and terrible withdrawal symptoms associated with these drugs.

ProVanax is doctor formulated, medically endorsed and has more than 690 published studies proving its effectiveness.

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How Does ProVanax Work? - The World First "Tri-Mode" Technology

ProVanax uses a world first “tri-mode” technology that targets anxiety, depression and insomnia altogether, using it’s advanced Synergy Optimizer™ technology. This technology delivers a synergistic blend of specific ingredients in a way that optimizes the benefits and results you get, while minimizing and eliminating negative side effects.

Most products deal ONLY with anxiety, depression OR insomnia - but ProVanax works to "fix" all 3 of these problems at once. This is important, because these problems are all related to each other.

ProVanax has 690+ published studies showing it is clinically proven to work because it:

  1. Increases DOPAMINE levels: this is your anti-aging, "pleasure” hormone which provides a feeling of euphoria, increases energy and sex drive and improves memory.
  2. Optimizes SEROTONIN levels: this is the anti-depressant hormone which affects mood, sleep and appetite.
  3. Reduces CORTISOL levels:  this is the main stress hormone that controls other hormones related to mood, pain, weight gain and aging.
  4. Improves Deep R.E.M SLEEP: healthy sleep is vital for detoxifying the body and replenishing energy. ProVanax does this without making you feel groggy.

Amazing One Year 200% Guarantee

ProVanax GuaranteeThe makers of ProVanax offer a ONE YEAR 200% Satisfaction Guarantee that’s NOT matched by any other supplement company! This is unprecedented in the health supplement industry. That is how confident the company is that this natural anxiety remedy will work for you - as long as you use the product correctly.

ProVanax Ingredients

Many of the ingredients used in the ProVanax formula have been used for around 50 years, proving they are safe and effective for long term use.

For more details about each of these ingredients and how they work, visit the ProVanax website.

Any Side Effects?

There are no reported side-effects or negative reactions with other herbs or prescription medications. The ingredients used in ProVanax are clinically proven to be effective and safe and there is no need to worry about addiction or withdrawal symptoms.

Benefits of ProVanax

A summary of the main benefits:

  1. It is a clinically proven, 100% natural remedy
  2. It works on all the major signs of stress - anxiety, depression and insomnia
  3. Balances important hormones related to mood, stress, sleep and energy.
  4. Is not addictive and there are no withdrawal symptoms if you stop taking it
  5. Is Guaranteed to work for anybody


Having read through the many testimonials on the ProVanax website it seems safe to say that this product works extremely well for anxiety and stress and their accompanying problems such as low mood, sleeplessness, lack of energy and poor concentration. The fact that this product has so many clinical studies proving its effectiveness is a glowing endorsement that makes ProVanax definitely worth a try.

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I can highly recommend the company that makes ProVanax, HFL Solutions. They are leaders in the health supplement industry, all their products are of extremely high quality and backed by clinical studies, their customer service is excellent and they offer very secure online ordering. Plus, their unprecedented 200% satisfaction guarantee means you can try the product risk free.

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