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The Linden Method Review | Charles Linden

The Linden Method Review imageReviewer: Sharon Watt, PhD
Rating: 5 stars
Program Reviewed: The Linden Method by Charles Linden

There is a lot of hype about this program which claims to be the world's No.1 anxiety, panic attacks, agoraphobia, stress and OCD elimination program. Read my Linden Method review which explains why this program is definitely one of the best.

What Is The Linden Method?

The Linden Method is based on important discoveries made by Charles Linden during his years of research on anxiety and panic disorder. Linden states the Amygdala, a small structure in the brain linked with a person’s mental and emotional state, is totally responsible for all panic attacks and anxiety disorders.

As Linden explains, “The cause of anxiety disorders and panic attacks is not the ‘life event’ that created the stressful environment," Charles adds. “This is wrong. The actual cause is the way the Amygdala responded to that event and continues to produce anxiety and panic long after the event."

He believes that this is why medication and “talk therapy” are not effective in treating anxiety and panic disorders: anxiety medications were designed to treat a “chemical imbalance” which Linden discovered is NOT the cause of anxiety and panic attacks, while “talk therapy” only targets the events that triggered the anxiety rather than the underlying cause.

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How Does It Work?

The Linden Method works by reversing the trauma done to the amygdala, which leads to complete and permanent recovery from anxiety disorders, panic attacks, phobias, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD).

The method is completely safe, natural and drug free, and is easy to learn and implement. There have been some reports of immediate relief from anxiety and panic attacks by people using this method, for others it has taken a few days or a few weeks to eliminate their symptoms.

The Linden Method has gained enormous respect from doctors and psychologists who have used it with great success to treat their own clients.

Who Is Charles Linden?

Charles Linden imageCharles Linden is a former sufferer of panic disorder, agoraphobia and obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). Over many years he visited all kinds of specialists and therapists, and tried numerous medications without success.

Charles then began searching for his own solution to cure anxiety and panic attacks and spent many years researching these disorders and interviewing fellow sufferers.  He created the Linden Method and set up the Linden Center after making the discoveries that allowed him to completely overcome panic attacks and anxiety. Since then Charles Linden has dedicated his life to refining his method and has helped more than 120,000 anxiety sufferers using The Linden Method.

Charles Linden is now recognised as one of the world’s leading authorities on anxiety and panic disorder. He is the author of the best selling book Stress Free in 30 Days and he has released a number of Self Help DVDs on conquering anxiety, panic attacks, GAD, OCD, agoraphobia and social phobia.

What Conditions Can Be Treated Using The Linden Method?

The Linden Method has been used successfully to treat panic attacks, generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), agoraphobia and social phobia. Many people have also used the Linden Method to recover from depression and stress related problems.

What Do You Get With The Linden Method Program?

  1. The Linden Method manual – 226 pages
  2. 16 Audio Tracks
  3. 12-Month Money Back Guarantee
  4. 1 year of free 24 hour email/telephone support
  5. Backup CD, sent by mail (downloaded version only)

The manual outlines Charles Linden’s The Nine Pillars, which need to be understood and applied for complete recovery from anxiety and panic attacks. There are also extra tips and techniques in the manual that can be used to improve how the Linden Method works for you. These include information on the best diet to follow while recovering from anxiety, some very good breathing exercises, how to use posture to improve mood, and many others. The audio tracks included in the package include visualization exercises.

The Linden Method is available as a download or as a physical product that is shipped directly to your door.

Linden Method Guarantee

The Linden Method 12 month guarantee is the best in the industry. Watch the video below for more details on this impressive guarantee.

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What I Like Best About The Linden Method

  1. The support provided when you order The Linden Method is impressive – it offers 12 months of unlimited psychologist/counselor support. The Linden Method also has physical centers in the USA, UK, Germany, Denmark and Mexico which offer phone, email and one-to-one support and workshops.
  2. It also offers a full 12 month money back guarantee which is quite rare for these sorts of products and shows the faith that Charles Linden has in his program and the benefit it will have for you.
  3. It is very reassuring that the Linden Method has been used by more than 120,000 people worldwide, with a 96.7% success rate for eliminating anxiety and panic attacks.
  4. It is a totally natural solution to anxiety and panic disorders which eliminates the need for drugs or medication.
  5. It is endorsed by doctors and psychologists who have used the method successfully to treat their own clients.

My Linden Method Review Conclusions

The Linden method is one of the most highly respected and trusted treatment programs for anxiety and panic disorders available. The thousands of testimonials from clients who have used Charles Linden’s method to completely banish their panic attacks and general anxiety show that this method is also extremely effective.

After reviewing this program myself, I was particularly impressed with the scientific research that is behind this program, especially relating to the amygdala and how it can be reprogrammed to bring your anxiety level back down to zero. I can definitely recommend the Linden Method as a simple and powerful way of overcoming your anxiety and urge you to give it a try.

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The Linden Method Review image

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