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The Anxiety Lie Review - Finally the REAL Truth About Anxiety is Revealed

The Anxiety Lie ProgramReviewer: Sharon Watt, PhD
Rating: 4.5 stars
Program Reviewed: The Anxiety Lie by Rich Presta

Are you ready to try something completely different? Do you want to cut through the fluff and feel good hype of other programs and get to the real truth about anxiety and how you can conquer it for good? This brand new self help anxiety program from Rich Presta promises to be the missing piece of the puzzle for anxiety sufferers who’ve tried everything else and still need help. Read my Anxiety Lie review to find out why.

What is The Anxiety Lie?

The Anxiety Lie is a revolutionary new program that introduces a complete shift in the way we think about anxiety and how to overcome it. The program was created by Rich Presta when he discovered that other authors were sugar coating the reality of anxiety. They were simply feeding their customers “feel good” hype that left them feeling fine for a while, but weren’t providing a complete and permanent cure for their anxiety and panic attacks. Rich wanted to create a program that didn’t just make you FEEL better, it would make you BE better.

To do this Rich has to be brutally honest about what anxiety is and what is necessary to overcome it. He tells you exactly what others have been hiding from you for years and teaches you an extremely effective process for getting rid of anxiety and panic attacks permanently.

Here’s how Rich Presta describes the Anxiety Lie program:

“It’s unlike ANYTHING I’ve ever seen written about anxiety, panic, or phobias, and I’ve seen most of it.  I think it’s going to change a lot of things in the industry, and get a TON of attention, precisely because it’s so wildly different from anything else out there.”

The program is available for instant download.

Click Here to Visit The Anxiety Lie

Who Is Rich Presta?

Rich PrestaRich Presta is a well known self-improvement coach and author who is also a recognised expert on anxiety, panic disorder and phobias. Rich is a former sufferer of anxiety disorders himself, and after developing his own solutions to his problems, he worked with health professionals to create programs designed to help others overcome anxiety.

Rich Presta developed the Panic Puzzle Program, which has successfully helped many people overcome anxiety, panic attacks and phobias. He also created the Driving Fear Program after overcoming his own fear of driving.

Rich says of his new Anxiety Lie program:

“... this isn’t a replacement for anything I’ve done in the past, but a different perspective and way of viewing anxiety and treatment as a whole, a complete paradigm shift.  What you’ve already learned in the Driving fear Program or Panic Puzzle should continue to be used, but when you read... [The Anxiety Lie] will work MUCH more effectively.”

What Conditions Can Be Treated Using The Anxiety Lie Method?

The Anxiety Lie is useful for people suffering from any kind of anxiety or panic disorders, including social anxiety, and phobias and fears such as agoraphobia, fear or driving and fear of flying.

What Do You Get With The Anxiety Lie Program?

The Anxiety Lie Program1. The Anxiety Lie Program Manual – the manual is just over 100 pages long and reveals the lies that other people have told you about your anxiety, the lies you’ve been telling yourself. The manual then explains the truth about how to finally overcome your anxiety, panic attacks and phobias forever. The unique process for eliminating your problems as taught in this manual could change your life dramatically.


Table of Contents of the Anxiety Lie Manual:

The Lies They Tell You:
Lie #1 It’s Okay To Have Anxiety (No, It’s Not)
Lie #2 Anxiety Isn’t Your Fault
Lie #3 You Just Need To Think Positive! (I’m Positive This Is Bullshit)
The Lie You Tell Yourself:
Lie #1 Anxiety Is Dangerous (Anxiety Is A Sissy)
Lie #2 All Those Scary Thoughts Mean You’re Going Crazy
Lie #3 Overcoming Anxiety Should Be Taken Seriously
Lie #4 I’ll Start When
Lie #5 If I STOP Worrying, My World Will Cave In
The Truth
Moving Forward

2. The Anxiety Lie Audio Edition – the complete manual in audio form. This is great for listening to in your car or wherever you go.

3. The Truth Revolution Audio – an interview with psychologist Dr Scott Fenton, who reveals the lies about anxiety that other health professionals have told you, and the real truth about how to overcome anxiety.

4. The Rescue Audio Session – the rescue audio session is used when you are feeling extremely anxious or having a panic attack and don’t remember what to do to stop it. Rich Presta will talk you through exactly what you need to do to break through your anxious thoughts and stop the panic.

5. Premier Access to Updates – this allows you to access any updates or enhancements to the Anxiety Lie program.

What I Like Best About The Anxiety Lie

What really impresses me about this program is that it so totally different from anything else I’ve read about overcoming anxiety and panic attacks. It introduces a completely different and unique perspective, which seems to have worked extremely well for those who have tried it.

It is brutally honest about what you need to do to eliminate your problems, sometimes so painfully honest that you don’t want to hear it. But while the truth may hurt, for many this brutal honesty is just what is needed. It’s a wake up call, and really motivates you to stop just "hoping" and get on with kicking your anxiety in the butt.

My Anxiety Lie Review Conclusions

Because this is a very new program you won’t find that many testimonials on the Anxiety Lie website, however, after speaking with Rich Presta personally he assured me that he conducted a great deal of testing of this program with anxiety sufferers and had phenomenal results. Plus the few testimonials on the website are pretty convincing.

As with any self help program for anxiety, the Anxiety Lie program will take plenty of effort on your part to make the recovery process work, and Rich Presta will push you hard to make the necessary positive changes in your life, but the rewards for your hard work are potentially life changing so definitely worth it.

As with all of Rich’s products there is an iron-clad 8 week guarantee, so you can try it risk free. If it’s not for you, you can get a full refund.

I’m confident that if you have tried other programs and they have not worked for you, then this revolutionary new program could finally provide the answers you’ve been looking for.

Click Here to Visit The Anxiety Lie

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