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What Causes Fear? – Analyzing Your Fear Triggers

What causes fear for you may be completely different from what causes fear in somebody else.
Most of us have at least one or two things that cause fear and anxiety. But in some susceptible individuals, fears can develop into a debilitating anxiety disorder that effects many aspects of their life.

The problem arises when you focus all of your attention on what causes fear for you. This can trigger panic attacks and other physical symptoms of anxiety, which will need to be treated. Some may seek therapy from a psychologist or counselor, others may resort to medication as a temporary measure so they can live normal lives and not be dominated by what causes fear for them. With any kind of treatment, the issues causing the fear will need to be addressed.

Common Causes of Fear

For certain individuals, what causes fear most is being in social situations. This is known as social anxiety or social phobia. Just being around other people, especially crowds of people, can be a terrifying event for some. This could be caused by mistrust that grew from childhood, or a single traumatic event that happened around a large group of people. For others, what causes fear may be a certain specific type of social event. For example, fear of public speaking is generally caused by a bad experience during a speaking engagement.

Certain types of animals can be what causes fear in some people. Dogs, cats, mice and snakes are all examples of animals that people are commonly afraid of. Sometimes it is because they have never been around that particular animal, other times it due to a past bad experience.

Along the same lines, what causes fear may not be a large animal, but a bug. Spiders are one of the scariest bugs for many people, perhaps because they can hide in tiny spaces and take people by surprise. Another bug that can instil fear in the bravest person is the common cockroach, which has a reputation for carrying disease.

What causes fear for some is being confined in small spaces; this is better known as being claustrophobic. Others are afraid of open spaces, known as agoraphobia. These fears are like many others and have arisen because a person has had a bad experience at some stage in their lives.

There are so many things in the world that can cause fear in your life. The important thing to do is analyze exactly what causes fear for you, and to seek help to address those fears before they develop into a full blown anxiety and panic disorder.

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