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Learn How To Stop Being Shy With These 5 Simple Tips

Looking for advice on how to stop being shy? Overcoming shyness is definitely possible if you follow some tips and practise them consistently. Once you are successful in overcoming those uncomfortable feelings that being shy brings, your life will improve dramatically and you will be able to enjoy doing the things your former shy self was terrified of doing.

Being shy is a real problem for a surprisingly large percentage of people (bet you didn’t realize that many famous actors and other celebrities consider themselves shy). Shyness can be made worse when you also experience accompanying symptoms such as shortness of breath, sweaty palms and blushing. What’s more, the emotional anguish that shy people go through can lead to more serious conditions such as depression or social anxiety disorder. This is why it is so important to make an effort to learn how to stop being shy before it gets out of hand.

One of the worst difficulties associated with shyness is talking to other people in social situations. It can be incredibly difficult for a shy person to understand how other people can have so much fun at parties and other social gatherings while they are quietly experiencing agony at the thought of talking to people. Shy people have so much difficulty talking to other people because they experience irrational fears of sounding stupid, or that their words will come out all jumbled, which would cause embarrassment and humiliation. Once you learn how to stop being shy you will know how to banish these fears quickly and easily.

Overcoming shyness is not easy, and takes consistent hard work, but with determination to learn how to stop being shy and putting your knowledge into practise, you will soon reap the reward of a life free of crippling fear during social situations.

5 Tips On How To Stop Being Shy

1. Recognizing you have a problem with shyness is the first step to learning how to stop being shy. This recognition alone can help stop your shyness spiralling out of control to the point where your social life, or even your career is ruined. The next step is to start consciously making an effort to confront your shyness in certain situations. 

2. One simple exercise for people wanting to learn how to stop being shy is to come up with different topics of conversation that can be used in social situations. By thinking of topics that interest you, or that you know will interest the people you will meet, and practising what you will say about those topics, you will feel much more confident going into social situations. Try practising by talking to yourself in the mirror. This might feel silly at first but it is a very effective tool to help you feel comfortable about speaking. You can also try talking first to your family or people you know well and feel most comfortable with.

3. If you feel shy about meeting new people, ask your family or your friends to introduce you, and ask them to stay with you while you talk to the new person. Having other people around to join in the conversation makes it easier to feel comfortable about talking. Even if you only say a few words at first, practising saying anything at all in these situations will eventually help you build your confidence and soon you won’t need to think twice about opening your mouth to speak.

4. Another tip on learning how to stop being shy involves not trying to hide your shyness problem. Let other people know that you’re shy – you’ll be amazed at how understanding people can be. Shyness is very common and many people either know about it, or have experienced it themselves to some degree. So don’t be afraid to be honest about your shyness problem – you’ll find that talking honesty about yourself is one of the most important steps you can take to feel more confident about yourself around other people. You also might find that the person you’re talking to is shy as well and you didn’t even know it!

5. Some people say that having a few drinks can loosen your tongue and make you feel more confident if you’re shy. Be very wary about using alcohol to mask your shyness because this can lead to bigger problems in the end. Drinking alcohol is just a temporary solution - a quick fix – it will not teach you how to stop being shy. It is much better to focus on using techniques that might take a bit longer to work, but that will have far more benefits in the long term, and are much healthier for you as well.

These simple tips on how to stop being shy will hopefully get you started towards developing a new, more confident you. Remember that losing your shyness can be a long process, but the reward of feeling happy and confident about life is well worth the effort.

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