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How To Find Social Anxiety Help

Many people experience severe anxiety in situations where they have to interact with others. This is known as social anxiety disorder, which is more serious than being shy or being a little nervous at social gatherings. People who suffer from this disorder are particularly afraid of being embarrassed in front of others, or having people judging them. The fear is so extreme that they will do anything to avoid social situations. If you think you have experienced social anxiety, this article explains how to find social anxiety help.

There is a range of treatment options when seeking social anxiety help, including a number social anxiety self help treatments, and therapy from health professionals. What you choose will depend on how severe your social anxiety symptoms are.

DIY Social Anxiety Help – Self Help for Social Anxiety

Relaxation and Coping Techniques

Social anxiety symptoms stem from a feeling of being overwhelmed. Learn some simple relaxation techniques and practise them as soon as you start to feel yourself getting overwhelmed. These techniques could include deep breathing for a few minutes, or progressive relaxation, which helps reduce tension in your muscles. Taking a brisk walk or some other form of exercise is also helpful for calming the nerves.

Natural Remedies for Social Anxiety

Social anxiety help can also be found in the form of natural supplements that are designed to calm your nerves and reduce the physical symptoms of social anxiety. These natural remedies for social anxiety can be just as effective as prescription medication and don’t have the same unpleasant side effects.

Herbal supplements that are useful for soothing any type of anxiety include lavender, lemon balm and passionflower. There are also homeopathic formulas such as SocialFear Relief, which are specifically designed to counter social anxiety symptoms and help provide enough confidence to face fearful situations.

Facing Your Fears One Step at a Time

One of the most important things you can do for yourself when seeking social anxiety help is to start facing your fears gradually, rather than avoiding social situations altogether. Start with situations that are the least overwhelming for you and limit the time you spend in that situation. For example, you could try visiting a cafe with a friend. By setting a limit on the time you spend in a social situation you are giving yourself full control over that situation.  Even if you just sit in that cafe for one minute, that’s a great start and it will give you the knowledge that anything is possible. From small beginnings, gradually challenge yourself more and more until you feel comfortable and confidant in a range of situations.

Social Anxiety Help From Family, Friends and Support Groups

Don’t be afraid to share your fears with people who are close to you. Simply talking to others about what you are going through can help you feel better and put things into perspective. Social anxiety help from close friends or family members might come in the form of telling them your goals for gradually facing and overcoming your fears and asking for their support in reaching those goals.

If you don’t feel you are able to talk to your family or friends you may be able to find a social anxiety support group in your neighborhood or online. Talking to other people with the same problem removes the feeling of isolation you may have, and is an important step towards recovery.

Social Anxiety Help From Professionals

If your social anxiety symptoms are particularly severe, it is important to seek social anxiety help from a psychologist or counselor as soon as possible. Because of the nature of social anxiety disorder it will seem very daunting for you to seek out social anxiety help from other people, but professionals are fully trained to help you find the causes of your fears and to provide you with tips and techniques to overcome them.

Most therapists providing social anxiety help will use a type of therapy known as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). CBT has shown promising long-term benefits for social anxiety sufferers. This type of therapy involves gradually changing the negative thoughts and beliefs surrounding a fear of social situations. It also involves gradual exposure to the situations that cause anxiety. Cognitive Behavioral Group Therapy (CBGT) is a relatively new approach to social anxiety help that involves role-play of social situations in a supportive environment.

Whatever form of social anxiety help you choose, it is vitally important you start now and don’t continue to avoid the problem. Just making a small start will help you feel more in control and put you on the path towards experiencing an enjoyable social life.

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