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Understanding Panic Disorder Symptoms

One of the most disturbing factors regarding panic disorder symptoms is that the symptoms are often very broad, and their effects on an individual vary from person to person.  Since the symptoms can be very severe, people might imagine they are suffering from some serious illness when they experience panic disorder symptoms. This misunderstanding can cause more anxiety and may mean people don’t seek the appropriate panic disorder treatment. So it is important that you do your own research and fully understand your panic disorder symptoms.

Finding out what are the common panic disorder symptoms and comparing them to the symptoms you experience is key to understanding this disorder and learning to control your panic attacks. It is helpful to know that a majority of panic disorder symptoms revolve around the body's adrenaline levels.  This means that if excess adrenaline is produced, the likelihood of developing panic disorder symptoms will increase.  Knowing what to expect is very helpful in overcoming panic attacks.

Physical Panic Disorder Symptoms

Most of the time, panic disorder symptoms are triggered by the production of excess adrenaline, which can result in shallow breathing, rapid breathing, heart palpitations, dizziness, and the onset of an actual panic attack. Other symptoms include headaches, aching muscles, chest pain, joint pain, and feeling tired.

Psychological Panic Disorder Symptoms

Some panic disorder symptoms are more psychological than physical.  These symptoms include a loss of reality, depersonalization, depression, paranoia and hallucinations. Some people experience a feeling of doom, or even that they are going to die. Constant stress can also be considered a panic disorder symptom.

Are Panic Disorder Symptoms Life-threatening?

Despite feeling as if you might die during a panic attack, it is very important to understand that your panic disorder symptoms will not cause you any harm. Panic disorder is just an extreme form of normal anxiety, which many people experience in their daily lives. There have been no reports of anybody coming to harm while experiencing panic disorder symptoms.

Treating Panic Disorder Symptoms

Panic disorder symptoms can be overwhelming.  Since they are widely varied it is very easy to be caught off guard, so it is a good idea to understand all you can about the symptoms in order to cope with the disorder effectively. You can be reassured though, that panic disorder is not something you will have to deal with for the rest of your life. There are treatment programs available that have allowed many people to successfully overcome panic disorder symptoms quickly and permanently. All you need to do is find the best panic attacks treatment program for you.

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