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How to Stop Panic Attacks – 3 Steps to Take Back Control

Panic attacks occur when a person feels a loss of control in certain situations, or feels threatened is some way. If you suffer from this distressing condition it’s important to learn how to stop panic attacks before they take control of your life. Learning how to stop panic attacks involves 3 steps – finding the trigger that causes the panic attacks, practising techniques that allow you to feel more in control of situations causing panic attacks, and seeking the right treatment from professionals.

How To Stop Panic Attacks Step 1: Identify Your Panic Triggers

The first step in learning how to stop panic attacks is finding what triggers them in the first place. For some, the cause of panic attacks is a past trauma or issue that has never been resolved. Bad memories or past hurts can cause increasing anxiety to the point where a person displays panic disorder symptoms. For others, the cause of their panic attacks lies in the intense stress of their daily life, which makes them feel overwhelmed and ill equipped to manage the pressures of life. Some people have specific phobias such as a dental phobia or a fear of driving that triggers their panic attacks. It’s a good idea to take a note of every situation in which you experience a panic attack and think carefully about the exact triggers – what did you eat beforehand? who was there? did any specific memories come up?

Once you identify and understand the causes, you will be better able to learn how to stop panic attacks so you can take full control of your life again. The good news is there are many methods available, including relaxation techniques, counseling and hypnotherapy that you can try.

How To Stop Panic Attacks Step 2: Learn Panic Busting Techniques

These are some of the many self help techniques that you can use in how to stop panic attacks:

Stop Panic Attacks with Breathing Techniques
Deep breathing exercises are one of the simplest yet most effective coping methods available to stop panic attacks. Breathing deeply and slowly relaxes the body and mind while at the same time increasing the oxygen to all parts of the body. This will help keep your thoughts and emotions in check.

Focus on the Here and Now to Stop Panic Attacks
Grounding an individual is another common technique in how to stop panic attacks. The idea is to keep the mind focused on the here and now and not the imagined fear, to do this you can hold a cold ice cube, drink a cold glass of water, or start naming aloud the things you see around you. All of these techniques keep the mind focused on the present reality and off whatever it is causing the panic attack.

Resistance Feeds Panic Attacks
The first reaction you probably have when you begin to experience a panic attack is to fight it. But one of the most important things you need to know about how to stop panic attacks is that the more you resist them, the more likely they will happen again and again. Try instead to face the symptoms of panic attacks, observe them with curiosity, and once they are over you will realize that you came to no harm during the attack and the initial threat was only perceived, not real. This realization will eventually reduce the fear that another attack will occur.

Relaxation Techniques for Panic Attacks
Learning the difference between tense and relaxed muscles is important when learning how to stop panic attacks. Practising the progressive relaxation technique will allow you identify what is happening to your muscles during a panic attack (tension), and how to quickly reduce this tension. The effects of a panic attack are greatly reduced when you know how to relax your muscles.

Stop Panic Attacks by Deconstructing Them
One method that has been successful in stopping panic attacks for many people is The One Move Technique™ taught in Joe Barry’s Panic Away program. This method involves learning how and why panic attacks are constructed, then deconstructing them bit by bit. The effects of each component of a panic attack are greatly reduced when you have this knowledge.

How To Stop Panic Attacks Step 3: Seek Treatment From Professionals

If you have tried some of these self-help techniques for how to stop panic attacks and you are still bothered by the condition, you will need to seek help from a professional. A counselor or psychologist can help guide you through the issues surrounding your panic attacks. They may lead you through past events as far back as your childhood to identify the root cause of your fears and phobias. They can also teach you methods for how to stop panic attacks. You may also like to consult a hypnotherapist, who can help you identify the causes of your panic attacks and also help you to relax.

These 3 steps to overcoming panic attacks will arm you with the knowledge and techniques needed to cope with this condition. After identifying the causes of your attacks, practising some of the techniques mentioned and finding the right help, you will hopefully know how to stop panic attacks for good.

UPDATE December 4, 2012: Our research has found that people interested in how to stop panic attacks have been getting great results using Panic Away. Example results in image below. Click Here to learn more.

panic away testimonials


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