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How To Stop Worrying – 7 Simple Tips For Banishing Your Worries

Everyone worries to some extent and a little stress is not always a bad thing. When you think about it, life is full of all sorts of challenges and unexpected events, and worry is just a natural reaction to these situations. For some people though, worrying is never-ending and can become an obsession that causes problems in everyday life. If you feel stressed and worried all the time you will need to learn some tips on how to stop worrying before it has long-lasting effects on your health. 

Tips For How to Stop Worrying

1. Analyze Your Worries

Learning how to stop worrying can seem like a daunting task, but one of the best tips is to analyze the situation. You could be over-inflating the situation and making it worse than it really is. Have you ever heard of the saying “making mountains out of molehills”? Instead of always thinking about the worst-case scenario for a particular situation, try to adopt a more realistic approach: think of both positive and negative outcomes and realistically rate the likelihood that these will occur. You can also try this exercise: sit down and list the anxious thoughts you are having and counter them with some positive statements to focus on instead. You will soon learn how to stop worrying and start focusing on the positive side of life.

2. Thought Stopping Technique

Another effective method of how to stop worrying is referred to as thought stopping. Anytime you feel a negative or worrisome thought coming on, say to yourself “stop!”. Once you have put the brakes on the worry you can now replace those thoughts with some of the positive statements you came up with in the above exercise.

3. Designate a “Worry Time”

The next tip for how to stop worrying is to set aside a specific time for worrying. Make a commitment to only focus on your worries during this time, then forget them for the rest of the day. Any time you catch yourself thinking about a worrying issue, tell yourself that you will deal with it during your “worry time” and then get on with what you were doing. You might find that when your “worry time” comes around, you will have forgotten what you were worrying about!

4. Write Down Your Worries

Another idea for learning how to stop worrying is to write your worries out on a piece of paper then address them one at a time. This way you can plan for the eventualities and keep your expectations, both good and bad within reason. That will inspire more self-confidence as you learn that you can handle nearly any situation.

5. Distract Yourself

If you find that you are worrying incessantly, try distraction techniques. Take time to call a friend, clean the house, play with the dog or read something. These can all be helpful solutions for how to stop worrying.

6. Use Your Support Network

Internalizing worries can make things much more difficult to deal with, so it is always better to talk to someone about what is worrying you. A support network can be very beneficial but remember not to exaggerate the situation when expressing your worries to your friends and family. You never know, your friends and family may also have some great tips on how to stop worrying.

7. Let Go of Your Worries Through Meditation and Relaxation

Many people have found relief from worry through meditation. You will find there are several forms of meditation available and you can pick and choose based on your lifestyle and individual needs. There are also many relaxation techniques that are helpful, such as deep breathing and progressive relaxation. Learning how to stay relaxed goes hand in hand with learning how to stop worrying.

Regardless of the technique or method you find useful when learning how to stop worrying, make every effort to make them a habit. When it is a regular habit, you will find that your techniques will become your natural response to worry or stress.

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panic away testimonials

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